Zurc Construction is one of Kitchen Remodel in Portland,Or and Metro Area.We have been helping homeowners projects such as Kitchen remodel in Portland  and have become increasingly popular in recent years as homeowners look to update and upgrade their living spaces. The kitchen serves as the heart of the home, and is often the focal point of social gatherings and family meals. With the rise of open concept living, many people feel the need to create a more inclusive and updated kitchen space to fit their lifestyle. In addition to functionality, there is also the desire for aesthetic appeal with the latest design trends and materials.

We can help you and transform your old kitchen into one highlighted in the ones you find in magazines. We install new countertops that include fabrication,prefabricated or custom cabinets, and kitchen appliances.We work with local distributor of natural stone and engineer stone one of them are MSI SURFACES and COSMOS SURFACES click here has differents options and popular on color,durability,thickness.We can also knock out walls, install flooring, new lights and plumbing from start to finish product.

If you can’t envision your new kitchen, we work with you to visualize a space that fulfills your wishes. As a Kitchen remodeler company, our goal is to help you identify the details that will create the kitchen of your dreams.Kitchen remodeling has differents phases in order to get the final product.

We are more than happy to spend the time required to ensure you have the finished kitchen you’ve been looking for. We understand that it can be overwhelming to make these types of decisions, we’ll provide you with the advice and expertise to make the process seamless.

Now is the time to build your perfectly remodeled kitchen.

Shelving & Storage

Sinks & Faucets

Backsplashes & Tiling

Cabinets & Countertops

Floors & New Walls

Lighting & Plumbing

New Appliances


SE Wilcox Lane - Full Kitchen Remodel

A beautifully full-remodeled kitchen with flooring and appliances installed.

NE 30th Ave - Full Kitchen Remodel

A beautifully full-remodeled kitchen with flooring and appliances installed.