Basement remodeling is the best option to invest also can be a great addition to your home. Often it’s underutilized space that can be transformed into an incredible location for kids. Now use as slumber parties, movie nights, club events and sports games with friends. Once an empty concrete room can be converted into a furnished place. Hardwood floors, drywall, and carpeting can be decide by homeowner. It can even occupy space for a beautifully furnished bathroom and kitchenette. The possibilities are endless.But,still looking for ideas and some inspirations before to take actions?Here’s best ideas from Pinterest take a look!

At Zurc Construction we take the necessary steps to assure your basement is dry before beginning the remodel. A Basement remodeling start with a thorough minucius inspection, we can determine how much work should be invested in the preparation stage before we start to refinish. Even if there are no signs of water damage or cracks, you live in Portland, and it rains a lot! Waterproofing and basement preparation is crucial to ensure there are no future leaks that could jeopardize the integrity of your finished basement investment.

Entertainment and TV Rooms

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's)

Kids Play Area

Living Rooms

Home Theaters

Office Space


Basement - Water Proofing

The client needed to create a foundation to eventually build in a refinished basement. We started this project by coating the walls with concrete and then adding a epoxy coat to completely seal the floor.

SE 45th Ave - Basement Seal and Flooring

Completely overhauled the waterproofing for the basement and added a durable epoxy sealant.