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Jose Cruz CEO
Jose Cruz CEO

In fact, Jose Cruz has been serving as General Contractor in the Portland Metro Area since 2002. After years of outstanding craftsmanship and client relationships, Jose is a highly regarded construction professional. In 2015, launched Zurc Construction to produce a range of professional services as general contractor that transform his client’s project ideas into reality.

Zurc Construction’s success is accomplished through honesty and trust. Your advisor on every project.

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    We are Portland Area General Contractors with years of experience on all types of projects. Our services span from full-home remodels to small projects that need immediate attention.

    exterior full home renovation

    Full Home Remodels

    Zurc Construction LLC. a general contracting company in Portland, Oregon. We provide a full home remodeling services from start to finish. As General Contractor the main priority is in our professionals team. Besides, our team has the vast experience in differents stages of remodeling, such as carpentry, painting, drywalling, tiling, flooring. We have remodeled homes in Portland with satisfied customers across the city. On each project we keep supervising, managing so that each job is a success. As General Contractor we’re inspired to work with integrity ensuring we over-deliver and get your project completed as expected.

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    Zurc Construction Basement Bed


    Basement remodels can be a great addition to your home. Often, it’s an underutilized space that can be transform into an incredible location for kids’ slumber parties, movie nights, club events and sports games with friends. And once empty concrete room can be convert into a furnish place with hardwood floors, drywall, and carpeting. It can even occupy space for a beautifully furnished bathroom and kitchenette. The possibilities are endless.

    Kitchen Remodel


    Now is the time to build your perfectly remodeled kitchen. We can help transform your old kitchen into those highlighted in magazines. Also, Zurc Construction provide new countertops installations, cabinets, and kitchen appliances. In addition to we do flooring installation, new lights and rough-in plumbing.

    If you can’t envision your new kitchen, we can help you visualize a space that fulfills your goals. Our goal, is to help you identify the details that create the kitchen as you envision it.

    Zurc Construction Bathroom


    Bathroom remodeling will transform the look and feel of any bathroom in your home. Zurc Construction handles small bath renovations to master bath remodels.

    The difference between a basic bath remodel and an outstanding bath remodel isn’t the price. It’s the contractor’s experience in planning and commitment to their client’s needs. We never take shortcuts always spending time to help you understand what you are looking achieve and what required to get there.

    attic remodeled


    Adding additional space to your home is a simple process with an attic renovation. With the space available an extra bedroom, hideout, office, playroom, and many other options become available. Finally, this new space can cater to the specific needs of your family to enhance your home.

    Our skilled contractors understand that your home renovation should blend in seamlessly, and the attic is no exception.


    Small Projects

    There are a lot of small projects that also can use a detailed eye from experts contractors. As we know often these projects are turn down by General Contractors. We want you to help you and your family ours by taking on the projects others might turn away.

    No project is too small, and we are here to take care of small projects you desperately need completing quickly.

    exterior home renovation

    Exterior Renovation

    Zurc Construction is your go-to for all exterior renovation needs.We specialize in exterior renovations, from complete full home remodel to simple repairs. So too roofing, siding, painting, windows and doors we have you covered.Our experienced and skilled team can help bring your vision to life. Contact us today for a free estimate.